All clips in the pee fetish archive 11/2014

158159 - Staircase Pissing!

It has been a while since this pair of dominatrixes have kept their slave inside their home, so in this situation, they bring him out! However, they only got as far as the stairs of their apartment before they start to feel the urge to dominate him!The man who is being dragged by the leash, is laid on the floor and one of the ladies gets on top of him and pees directly into his mouth! He is even made to hold a funnel over his mouth, making sure that every last drop of her pee gets swallowed and flushed down his throat! To make things worse, she has a full bladder, resulting in a pee that seems like there is no end to it! The slave even had difficulties keeping up with it all!By the time she is finished, the other dominatrix takes her turn to dominate him! With her high heels, she proceeds to step and stomp all over him! She doesnÂ’t go lightly with him, putting a lot of ****** that causes him to moan in pain! Struggle all he can, none of that is going to gain him any sympathy! The only time she stops is when she is completely satisfied!