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160631 - Piss Drinking Ward!

A convict is spending his days in this facility and he thinks that when he is brought by two correctional officers into the infirmary, it is just some routine checkup! However, he couldn’t be any more wrong, because the ladies turn him into their very own slave and subject him to their kind of punishment! The guy who is blindfolded is laid down on his back on a bed where the ladies proceed to take turns sitting on his face and urinating directly into his mouth, leaving him with no choice but to gulp down every last drop of piss the culprits could release! At some point, he could no longer keep up at the rate that urine is filling his mouth, consequently overflowing and wetting him all over his face, resulting in a massive mess! By the time the women could no longer release any more, they concentrate their attention to his dick! They take turns giving him a handjob, only stopping after they make him cum against his will!


160629 - The Deal with Teacher! - P 1

The woman and her professor are face to face and he delivers the bad news! Immediately, she begs him to give her a chance, and he doesn’t hesitate to give her an offer! She must sit on top of a table, take off her panties, and urinate in her position! Desperate, she doesn’t waste any time and obliges to his demands! Before long, the area beneath her is flooding with her pussy and she completely relieves herself!