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161911 - Sinner spotted in the forest, fucked and fisted

Missy Van Licks, Carmen Rivera and I are in the forest looking for polluters and do not have to look long. Someone actually dares to piss in the forest and pollute it. The only ones who may spread their piss in the forest are us! Without further ado, we overpower the sinner and punish him with our huge dildos. If he cannot pay his fine he must hold out his ass for us. Our strap-ons widen his ass cunt so much that his rosette is completely turned inside out. Look at that red cunt! We can make it bigger by pushing our arms one after the other into his fuck hole! We take iturns pissing on his body and into his mouth while he's on the ground and leave him used, pissed on and fisted where he pissed before. That will be a lesson to him!