All clips in the pee fetish archive 12/2020

162835 - Golden Shower 97

Drink our piss out of the bowl - with a straw! The two young blond beasts Kirstin and Missy have thought of something particularly mean for their slave. First Kirstin pisses in a bowl and the two then ****** Bobby to lick the piss off her foot. Then Missy also pisses in the bowl. Then the two cruel natural sadists ****** their slave to drink the piss out of the bowl with a straw. They verbally abuse and humiliate him and mock him loudly. Finally Kirstin can't get enough with the slave and she pours the rest of the piss directly into his throat with the pot.


162298 - Scatology Spa Rejuvenation! - P 1

Upon entering the spa and asking for the special service, the attending ladies don’t waste any time and begin giving him what he asks! One holds out a bowl while the other urinates into it! It is then used to submerge the client’s feet for his foot massage! It doesn’t take long though before he is laid down on the massage table and receives a massage on the chest!