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161125 - Human Toilet at Femdom Gala 2022 in Athens

At Femdom Gala 2022 in Athens men were only objects! Of course we dominant ladies did not have to use any normal toilets, since we had a slave mouth at our disposal at all times.In this clip, you can see Ezada Sin, Mistress Alexandra, Goddess Hellfire and myself use one slave as our filthy piss toilet. He is at our disposal during the entire Femdom Gala, and all 80 ladies present can go and use his mouth to relieve themselves in! We are talking about how useless this toilet slave actually is and make fun of him getting horny, when we piss on him and make him drink it.He will get peed on by 4 ladies in this clip and then we decide that he must lie in our piss for the rest of the day... until the next lady wishes to use him!