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168884 - Public Pee Slave

Into the forest we go for a little hike together...All this walking sure has made me tired though slave and I need a smoke break. Get on the ground and make me a seat I can sit in and relax. I like how creative you get turning yourself into a human chair so I can sit down & you get to see up my skirt and goon to my naked ass cheeks spreading. I feel a breeze blowing on my asshole or is that you breathing heavy?This smoke makes me feel so good, I love my green goddess Maryjane and now it's time for you to smoke. I know you're a non-smoker but who cares! You'll smoke for me whether you want to or not. Yes Mistress is all you need to say. Now open up and take a big inhale in....and a few more to get that cherry really heated. After a few puffs I'll need to ash it somewhere. Pull down your pants slave, your balls will be my ashtray from now on. You know longer need those balls so these burn marks will be more like a branding from your Mistress.....a symbol of ownership. Now that I've marked you good show me that pathetic white ass of yours, it needs some color too. After a few canning whips we can finish our hike....