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165756 - Mistress LexyNoir - farting facesitting and piss drinking

Today Faith went to see LexyNoir, who was exactly his trainer at the Gym. After the light warm-up exercises and ballbusting training session, another kind of training followed: to smell her pussy and ass through her leggings. Lexy sat on my face and mouth and only let me breathe when she wanted. She also farting in my face and mouth a few times to make my training harder.At the end she ordered me to come to her and drink her piss as the ultimate humiliation at the end of today training course.Thank you Lexy. Clip was recorded with SamsungS22 Ultra 


115086 - Farting & Peeing through Pantyhose

I am sexy, curvy, erotic and I have my personal slave at my disposal !I dressed sexy and I pour myself grape juice in a crystal glass, trying to relax.I know I have a really sexy ass, that would make anyone's penis to be hard. Even more than that, to become addicted to my sexuality and eroticism !I realized that a glass of grape juice is not enough and I need my slave, that is an ass man, to worship my ass before I go out. Because I felt bloated in my belly, I used my silly slave to inhale my stinky farts, so that I could meet my boyfriend and have a great time out.I farted a few times in his nose and I felt great humiliating him in this way. I even put my leg over his head so that he would have no escape from inhaling my stinky farts !Then, I felt the urge to pee, because of the grape elixir, I felt the intense desire to pee. I thought of doing this through my pantyhose, directly in the mouth of my personal slut. It was a lot and overflowed. I drenched him in my peach nectar and it felt extraordinary for my slave boy.Because I want to stay clean, I ordered him to clean the floor and come back and suck my pantyhose, taking all the nectar in his mouth. My toilet boy licks the interior of my thighs and also between my legs. It was better then inhaling on nose forbidden substances. My taste was addictive !