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160153 - Toilet Voyeur Blackmail (Roleplay)

What? Are you surprised? Scream all you want, you may not know me but I know who you are, I know everything about you. Specially your little fetish, yeah, spying on black women peeing, and I have evidence of the last video you recorded on your phone with no consent... So you like it, ahh? You are now vulnerable and tied serving as my toilet, now i'm recording you being the toilet.Why do you cry if you like it? Why do you want to scape if you love it? You are in the front row! Now you will see it closely, very closely, that which you love so much to see, will become your nightmare, or addiction? Whichever comes first. Your ruin!


81277 - When Sparkle Gets Pissed off, You get Pissed On!!

Sparkle comes in the bathroom to take a quick potty break when she notices she is being spied on by some pesky Little dinosaurs!! These same dinosaurs interruped her last week when she was trying to do a webcam with a special friend. It seems as sparkles torture wasn’t enough for them!! Enjoy as she stomps on the little sneaky lizards before picking them up to tease them some more. Letting them lick on her breasts. Then she decided to “Rain on them”! Enjoy as she sits on the little lizards, smothering them in her juicy ass befor finally “Raining” on the lizards and flushing them down the bowl. You think they’re gone now? What I wouldn’t give to shrink myself to toy size to be tortured by this sexy giantess!!