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169149 - Making use of toilet Ben - Miss Honour May

Miss Honour May had left her slave upside down, rested against the back of a trailer. Miss climbed up on the trailer, and instructed the slave (Toilet Ben) to piss all over his daft face while he was upside down! Miss encouraged the slave to pee in front of her for her amusement! The slave began to pee all down his belly, leaving piss running over his neck and face! Miss picked up his little willy and began shaking it, so that the drips dripped onto his face! Miss tells the slave that seeing him pee over himself turned her on, and that she was so horny that she wanted to jerk herself off and cum over his face too! Miss began masturbating over the slaves face, until she ejaculated all over his face as he lay there, upside down, covered in his own piss and Miss’s ejaculate! After cumming and squirting on his face several times, she walked away, leaving him there soaked in both his and her juices!


111666 - Miss Honour May's Toilet Slave

Miss Honour May informs her pathetic slave that she’s sick of seeing weak men masturbating uncontrollably over her, and that today is her turn to pleasure herself over her slave. She squats down and perches her perfect, peachy arse over her slaves face, pulls her outfit to the side and starts to jerk off right over the worthless slaves face who is locked up tight in a chastity cage. She teases her slave with her pussy, telling him that he can practically taste it from there as she licks her pussy juices off her fingers. She warns the slave that she is going to cum all over his face, and that she is going to make him eat all of her ejaculate! She fingers herself passionately over the slaves face, bringing herself to a thumping orgasm and squirting her ejaculate all over his face and into his mouth as she screams and whines with pleasure! The slave does his best to swallow all of her ejaculate, but there’s just too much if it! Miss Honour May tastes her own cum from her fingers commenting on how delicious she tastes! The lucky slave is then ****** to lick all of her juices off the floor as she stands above, proud and satisfied as her pathetic slave laps up her cum from the floor like a thirsty mutt!