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166140 - Trifecta Toilet Training: Drink!

3 Cruel dommes have you locked in a cage. Bound in chains, cuffs, gagged with a funnel. No food, no drink... if not from our bodies! No escape allowed as we feed you our golden through the funnel gag. You must dink everything we release in your mouth.The forbidden champagne in your throat as you gasp for air chokking on the gag - only for your cries to be met with a trio of laughters.Jayne Doe joyfully fill you cup up generously. Lethal Lady V tauntingly unleashed all her champagne in your throat. Mistress Mystique rain a torrent of golden all over you in the cage. You cower cold and humiliated. Cruel and taunting, Mistress Mystique further your humiliation with painful pokes from her whipping cane, making you lick every drop of golden champagne from the floor of your cage.


95361 - My Piss Slut

Nasty ass bitch; you're a glutton for my humiliation. My piss, my snot, my farts, my spit; you receive and swallow it all down your holes. Come here; I want to feel you up with my piss. Then drench you in yours; pisslut!