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165319 - See me pee my pantyhose under my short skirt

Cute little video of me totally peeing myself filmed from under my sexy short skirt. Impatient kitty that I sometimes can be, I wanted to be efficient by getting my make-up finished before going to the toilet. You see me struggling and trampling to hold it in. I think Oh just a few more strikes with my mascara and then I can go! But alas, it was already too late. You see the hot piss uncontrollably spraying out of my sweet pussy in and through my transparent panty tights all over my legs and the floor... You see me in a dilemma about still finishing my make up or changing clothes. Eventually I decide to take off the stockings, revealing my gorgeous sexy big butt and pussy. A stinky fart escapes and you see me react to the smell. Then I walk away to find another solution for this hot mess.